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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 6/11/21

It was one year ago that I shared with you that I was retiring at the end of June 2021. Since then, I have received support and kindness from everyone in the congregation, wishing me well as I transition toward a new phase in my life.

The last few weeks have been marked by a sense of closure: a final Shabbat HaNefesh Service, my last B. Mitzvah, a concluding session of Torah Study. These experiences have been far more sweet than sad. I so appreciate these beautiful opportunities to embrace and share Jewish values and traditions.

In recent weeks, I have been engaged in a different form of closure, that of closing up my office at Temple. In case you have never heard me say this before: Thank you for providing me with an exquisite space to work. Having room to access study materials and a meeting area where six or eight people could gather comfortably created an environment conducive for learning, thinking, and counseling. Over 14 years I have never ceased to appreciate this splendid office space.

I am now in the process of downsizing, which in itself is a physical manifestation of this process of transition. Eve and I are evaluating every book, deciding which to keep or give away. Without doubt, the latter far outnumber the former. I am also going through papers that have accumulated not only during my years at Temple, but date back to when I was ordained 37 years ago. Thank goodness TBT has a good size recycling bin because I definitely need it!

The days between now and June 30 should be full. I look forward to special moments like next Shabbat evening, when many of us will gather in person at Temple for the first time in well over a year. Of course, the Shabbat service two weeks from tonight and the following Havdalah gathering will also be very special.

Whether in person or virtually, I look forward to seeing you soon.


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