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May 2024 Announcements

Masks are OPTIONAL (but recommended) to attend all in-person events and services

Remember that if you don't feel well or are experiencing any cold-like symptoms, please stay home and attend services virtually.















We're always looking for TBT community members to sponsor events, whether fun, educational, religious, or all three. Do you have an idea? Maybe you're thinking about the possibility of another game night? A paint and sip night? A community nature hike? Click here to start the process of bringing your ideas to life

If you know of any congregants, or any family members or friends who would like to receive email communication from TBT, please forward them this link to sign up. It's quick and easy - they just add their email address and name one time, and voila - they're automatically subscribed!

Temple Beth Torah has created a Legacy Endowment with the Jewish Federation and Foundation of the East Bay. For more information, please contact Pip Ziman at

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March & April Fund Donations


Larisa Krasnovskaya/Lev Krasnovsky ~ Emiliya Spivak passing/memorial

Larisa Krasnovskaya/Lev Krasnovsky ~ Memorial book for Zisya Sherman

Simon Selitser ~ In memory of mother, Brucha Kotlyar

Steven Elman ~ In memory of Joseph Barth, Celia Barth, Dora Elman, Louis Elman

Susan & Sheldon Schwartz ~ In memory of Art Naftaly, please inform Jackie Naftaly and family 

Stewart & Audrey Perlman ~ In memory of Mitchel Friedman & Aubrey Perlman

Raviv Joel Strod ~ In honor of Peishan Huang

Gwen Carscadden ~ In memory of Arthur Naftaly


Marla Zarrow

April 5

*Lester Cohen father of Jeff Cohen

*Marvin Samosky brother of Jack Samosky

Greylan Tuggle remembered by Martha Garcia

April 12

*Lon Hitchcock husband of Mrs. Arlene Hitchcock

*Marie Levander sister of Suzanne Corbett

*Manuel Malitz father of Rosalie Rosenbaum

Louis Smith father of Gerrieann Smith

Jack Weinstein, Sr. father of Jack Weinstein

Richard Woolbert father of Phoebe Weiner

April 19

Elie C. Elkaim, Brother of Suzanne Corbett

Malka Friedman, Mother of Dalia Vernikovsky

Leonid Kheylik, Father of John Kheylik

Walter Kopilow, Father of Sonja Radcliff

Ida Makovetsky, Mother of John Kheylik

Julia Manes, Grandmother of Hannah Brodzinsky

David Metz, Grandfather of Karen Bresler

Aaron Rogoff, ​Father-in-law by Betty Rogoff

Ruth Schack, Sister of Herman Rosenbaum

Tauba Schoenfeld, Grandmother of Ted Bresler

Gertrude Solomon, Grandmother of Susan Toth

Elke Perel Spitz, Great Grandmother of Susan Toth

Norman Veis, Uncle of Ronnie Petersohn

Sheldon Jules Zimmerman, Father of Mr. Sheldon Schwartz

April 26

Abram Breytel, Uncle of Larisa Krasnovskaya

Rebecca Brodzinsky, Grandmother of Hannah Brodzinsky

Edith Corenblum, Mother of Rosalind Citron

Meyer S. Elkaim, Brother of Suzanne Corbett 

Shirley Lerch, Mother of Phyllis Wood

Dr. Maurice M. Malen, Father of Nancy Weisenfeld

Harvey Schack, Remembered by Herman Rosenbaum

Margaret Vierk, Mother of Pamela Ballin

Hilda Zell, Mother of Sharon Sacks

May 3

Philip Brodzinsky father of Hannah Brodzinsky

*Leslie Robert Creelman ex husband of Ann Anderson

*Eva Feinberg wife of Harry Feinberg

*Edward David Fox father of Sylvia Newman

Chaya Geller aunt of Larisa Krasnovskaya

Virginia Goldsworthy mother of Bessie Rosenberg

*Bertha Katz mother of Larry Katz

*Irwin Klein father of Norman Klein

*Elliot Lewis father of Karen Bresler

Abe Messafi father of Marlene Menache

*Julia Newman mother in law of Sylvia Newman

*Celia Platkin mother of Murry Platkin

*Alvin R. Polland father of Lexie Kekoa

*Clara Rice mother of Donald Rice

*Seymour Rischall self of Seymour Rischall

*Yacov Ruderman father of Enna Ruderman

*Jerome S. Schreibman

Erich Silberberg father of John Silberberg

Marie Snyder sister of Raymonde DiGiacomo

May 10

Jordana Alizah sister of Janice Fonteno

*Marcia Ben-Ora mother of Eve Ben-Ora

*Leona G. Beth mother of Hal Jasper

*Florence Bloom

*Dr. Frank Harrosh brother of Emile Harrosh

Esther Makower mother of David Makower

Eva Nagel mother-in-law of Barbara Nagel

Boris Putterman brother-in-law of Rosalie Rosenbaum

*Mark Schaffer father of Barbara Cheeseman

May 17

Luis DeCastro father of Katie Scott

*Harry Deutch father of Sylvia Black

*Louis Elman grandfather of Steve Elman

Angela Gold friend of Sonja Radcliff

Anna (Frances) Greenberg mother of Amy Nardini

*Ruth Hutzel mother of Marcia Goldstein

*Morton Jossen father of Bonnie Cummings

Sylvia Mondino friend of Susan Toth

*Edward J. Prussack father of Dr. Herbert Prussack

Ann Rothbach aunt of Craig Rothbach

*Herbert G Zarrow father of Marla Zarrow 

May 24

*Pearl Arnold mother of Sue Turntine

*Fay Corbett mother of Phyllis Golub and Arnold Corbett

Max Corenblum father of Rosalind Citron

Natalie Goetz mother of Allison Davis

*Blanche Greenberg aunt of Sandy Rosen of Harry Rosen

*Joanne Hageman friend of Ann Anderson

*Allison H. Lerer husband of Carol Lerer

Zachary Levy father in law of Lulu (Lee) Levy, grandfather of Matthew Levy

Joyce Lindstrom mother-in-law of Arlynn Bitter Peavey, grandmother of Benjamin Peavey

Lilly Rattner Shirey mother of Michele Berke

*Anna Rosenbaum mother of Herman Rosenbaum

Mary Schwartz Grandmother of Phyllis Dimin

*Abe Sherr father of Frank Sherr

*Max Swedelson father of Jack Swedelson

*Martin Zell father of Sharon Sacks

May 31

Ralph Elefant brother of Betty Rogoff

Leonard Greene father of Renay Gaye

*Dr. Irving Hirshleifer father in law of Ira Turner

*Jack Pupko father of Florence Bloom

Frances Sacks mother of Rick Sacks

*Benjamin Several husband of Beatrice Several

Aliza Strod aunt of Joel Strod

Judith Wolfson aunt of Becky Galloway and Deborah Salcedo


April & May Yahrzeits

Zecher Tzaddik Livracha - “May the Memory of the Righteous Be For a Blessing.” 

A * before the names below signifies that a Memorial Plaque will be lit in their memory.

Tree of Life Commemorative Plaques

Would you like to memorialize a beloved family member or friend who is no longer with us? Have you had a memorable family happening this year, such as a new baby, an engagement, a wedding, or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Think of how wonderful it would be to put a leaf on our beautiful Tree of Life in commemoration of a loved one's memory, or a joyous event. In the years to come, you will see the leaf, and the blessed memories of loved ones or of happy occasions will come to mind again. 

Purchase a leaf on our Tree of Life or a memorial plaque, and engrave the names of special people or special life moments forever. The cost for a leaf is $180, and the cost for a memorial plaque is $500. Credit card payments for leafs and memorial plaques can be made from our Payment and Donations page, but please be sure to inquire with Ann in the office to provide her with details for the personal engravings.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life
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