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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 5/14/21

As we have done for many years, we will join our friends at Congregation Beth Emek. Following our Shavuot Service, we study Torah. Through our learning we embrace our sacred tradition, transmitting it from one generation to the next.

Our Torah study has customarily involved texts. However, this year my friend and colleague, Rabbi Larry Milder, suggested a different approach. Knowing that I am concluding my active rabbinate, he proposed we engage in a conversation about what I have learned as a rabbi over the past 37 years. I was touched by his suggestion and accepted his invitation.

Here are the questions we will focus upon:

  1. We’ve all got our Mt. Sinai’s, which is a summit in our journey, but not the journey’s end. What are some of the joys/peaks I have experienced along the way?

  2. The Israelites grumbled in the wilderness and so did Moses. What have been some of my frustrations or regrets of being a rabbi?

  3. I was ordained in 1984. What changes have I seen in Reform Judaism or among Reform Jews?

  4. What Jewish practices have I taken on, or given up, over the course of my career?

  5. Is there something that I can share about finding balance, and about how congregations can balance their expectations of a rabbi?

In addition to these questions, there will be an opportunity for congregants to post questions in the chat.

I look forward to Shavuot this Sunday that begins at 7pm. Please be sure to register online in order to receive the Zoom link to this special service.


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