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Early Childhood Education at Temple Beth Torah

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Gan Sameach Preschool

Our goal is to create a school experience for your child that is nurturing, stimulating, and welcoming. We encourage parent participation during the school day, on field trips and especially during parent-teacher conferences. Our family gatherings enhance our community and encourage friendships to grow.


Gan Sameach Preschool (“A Happy Garden”) is play-based, child-centered, and nurturing, and guided by Jewish Values and experienced teachers. 


Call or e-mail to schedule your visit:

Annie Jacob

Director of Gan Sameach 

Temple Beth Torah



Gan Sameach Pre-School

42000 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94539

License #010213705

Click here to register and/or pay for your child's Gan Sameach tuition. 

Early Childhood Education

Gan Sameach offers an enriching, half-day developmental preschool program and supple-mental daycare for children ages 2 to 6. Toilet training is not required.


The teacher child ratio of 1-7 is designed to ensure that each child receives individual attention to promote the best opportunity for personal growth and development.


Gan Sameach teachers create an inviting and stimulating environment that engages each child’s curiosity and imagination, encouraging social interaction and creative expression through play, music, arts and crafts. Special themes throughout the year introduce children to social studies, the natural world and sciences. Our science garden includes herbs, fruit trees, flowers and vegetables.


The Jewish calendar guides our holiday celebrations. Children learn about Jewish traditions and observances, including Shabbat (Sabbath) and holidays leading to an appreciation of the positive values found in Jewish culture.


The Program

The school year mirrors the Fremont Unified School District calendar; the year begins at the end of August and concludes in early June. Children learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning;. Through activities they consider fun, children develop strong self esteem, giving them the confidence to explore and discover their ever expanding world, to problem solve, to make friends and to develop independence.


Children learn the skills necessary to prepare for kindergarten through developmentally appropriate activities and equipment. The large enclosed play area invites opportunities for large and small motor development. The spacious indoor areas allow plenty of space for rainy day play.


Field trips throughout the year to nearby attractions afford the children a view of the world beyond the walls of the school building.


Application Process

Parents are welcome to call and arrange a pre-enrollment visit. Registration is ongoing throughout the school year on a space available basis.


Parents considering fall enrollment should consider a visit before the school year concludes in June.


Snacks and Lunch

Families take turns providing a healthy, vegetarian snack for the class. Children bring their own lunch.

Special holiday treats are provided by the school.

(In accordance with Jewish dietary laws, we request not to include pork or shellfish or to mix meat and dairy products)



The teachers at Gan Sameach are dedicated professionals with many years of experience. They are committed to putting your child’s needs first.



Our newly refurbished classrooms feature Forbo Marmoleum flooring and zero VOC envirocoat paint.


For more information, please contact:


Annie Jacob

Director of Gan Sameach 

Temple Beth Torah


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