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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 6/4/21

After forty long years of wandering, in this week’s Torah portion the Israelites are perched on the edge of the Promised Land. They have suffered privation of food and water. The Israelites have fought battles against enemies. They are frustrated and weary but sense all this is about to change.

Moses sends forth twelve men to scout out the land and report back what they see. Will they return with hope about this new world? Or will they convey the enormous obstacles blocking the way forward?

Like our Israelite ancestors, we too have been on a long journey. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have wandered through a desert of uncertainty and pain. How do we mourn the loss of millions of lives? How do we endure the separation from family and friends? As the pandemic begins to diminish in the United States, do we view the future with hope or pessimism?

Over the last fifteen months, we have had innumerable conversations both privately and communally about how the pandemic has impacted our lives. Tonight, I want to engage in sharing about how we are experiencing this time of transition as new possibilities present themselves.

During our Shabbat Communal Conversation, you are invited to speak about something you have done recently that wasn’t possible during the pandemic. We also will discuss plans we have for the summer. I have a strong sense that our sharing will lift our spirits and fill us with optimism and hope.


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