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Adult Education & Torah Study

At Temple Beth Torah, we are a community of lifelong learners. In our Beit Midrash (house of study), we welcome learners of all ages who engage in our many, diverse, opportunities for joyful study. Might you have a subject to teach or an activity to facilitate, even if it is not typically “Jewish?” Perhaps there is a class or program you would enjoy. Please send an email to

Torah Study

You are invited to join Rabbi Sarah and fellow learners in an engaging, in-depth study of Torah. This class is open to anyone. Knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary. Meeting days and times will be posted soon beginning Fall 2024. Please contact Rabbi Sarah at to RSVP. No fees or previous Torah education are required. All you need is an open mind and a desire to learn and enjoy. All are welcome!

Israel Birthright Trips, ages 18-26

The Union for Reform Judaism no longer sponsors Birthright trips to Israel for young adults. However, click here to visit the Birthright Israel website that provides helpful information about trips and how to make the most out of a birthright experience. 

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