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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 3/27/2020

Back when Jimmy Fallon was a cast member of Saturday Night Live, he played a character named Nick Burns. Nick was a slightly disheveled fellow who was an office computer specialist. Whenever a co-worker had a problem, Todd would be called in to help. Nick would take a quick look at the computer screen and then imperiously order his co-worker to MOVE so he could fix the problem.

During this mandated period of sheltering in place, I’ve had many challenging moments as I’ve tried to expand my capacity to reach TBT members online. As I encounter difficulties using Facebook LiveStream and Zoom, I hear Nick Burns’s voice commanding me to MOVE aside. Fortunately, no one who has actually helped me has been impatient like Nick.

My two primary computer specialists are in house. My daughter, Rebecca, is a millennial, born into the digital age. I’ve been able to coax her into helping me, which she is willing to do for brief periods of time. Eve also has been enormously helpful when I’ve been stymied. Her grasp of technology far exceeds mine.

I also want to acknowledge our TBT webmaster, Martha Garcia, who is gracious and quick to offer assistance whenever needed. Pip Ziman has also given valuable guidance based on his extensive experience using online platforms.

Social isolation during this pandemic has been debilitating on many levels. Thankfully, there are ways we can connect and support one another through phone calls, emails, Facebook, Zoom, and other online tools.

Lord knows, this is just the beginning. tay tune as TBT expands our reach in the weeks ahead.

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