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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 1/10/2020

You will not hear a sermon from me about the impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump. The impeachment is such a charged topic that I far prefer the give and take of a learning environment to the more tranquil setting of a Shabbat service.

This coming Wednesday evening, I will lead a three part study seminar on the impeachment. If you are expecting a one sided presentation on the subject, you will be disappointed.

My overall intent is to bring to bear Jewish perspectives on Trump’s impeachment. If you think that there is one single viewpoint on this matter, you would be mistaken. I consider it my responsibility to demonstrate that there is a plurality of Jewish voices.

The first session will be an examination of different religious and political factions within North American Jewry. The second session on January 22 will offer a Talmudic text about the forced resignation of a communal leader and how that was handled. The concluding session will focus on the potential impact of the impeachment on American Jewry both in the short and long term.

Each session will begin at 7:30pm in the social hall. I hope you will come ready to engage in serious learning and robust conversation.

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