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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 2/20/15

For many months, information about Temple Beth Torah’s trip to Israel has been available to members of our congregation. A dedicated website devoted to our TBT trip, designed by ARZAWorld, offers a detailed picture of the itinerary, accommodations, and costs for the journey. As with any congregational trip to Israel, the basic cost of the trip is factored on a specific number of participants. In our case, the pricing for the June 16-29 trip is based upon 15 travelers. At this time, unfortunately, we have not reached that critical number of registrants. We are reaching a point where we need to, in the words of my father, “fish or cut bait.” Over the months, I have had conversations with congregants who have expressed interest in the Israel trip and yet have not said definitively whether they are going. As a way of determining where we stand, let’s use Friday, February 27 as a deadline. If you – or anyone you know – has a strong interest in joining the TBT Israel trip this coming June, please email me or call me by next Friday. If I don’t hear from you, even though we have spoken about the trip in the past, I will presume that you are not available to travel to Israel this spring. For anyone interested, information about the Temple Beth Torah trip to Israel is at

Please feel free to be in touch with me if you have any questions or ways I can be helpful to you.

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