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We have posted all of Rabbi Schulman's High Holy Days sermons from the past seven years. Please click the word "Sermons" in the "Search By Tags" section below to view them. 

June 26, 2020

Last Shabbat evening, I shared my top 5 recommendations for books I’ve read in the past year. Here’s a brief review of each book, along with 5 others that made it into my top ten:

10. Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Fremont Mapped the West, Invented Celebrity, and...

June 19, 2020

This past April, many of us joined in a virtual Seder that connected us to far flung family and friends as we told the story of our Exodus from Egypt.

This coming Monday all of us are invited to join a different kind of Seder. On June 22 there will be a Community Pride...

June 12, 2020

As we read in Torah, the Levites were tasked with many duties related to the Tent of Meeting. It was their responsibility to tend to the Ohel Moed, the sacred space where the People of Israel encountered God.
In this week’s parashah, in Numbers chapter 8, verses 23-2...

June 5, 2020

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, it is tempting to give in to rage.

As protestors fill the streets of our nation’s cities, our hearts cry out for justice.

As the president orders combat troops to deploy in our nation’s capital, our anger swells.

As looters rans...

May 29, 2020

Sometimes, a sermon can take on a whole new meaning months after it is shared.

Last Yom Kippur, I gave a sermon that was a response to my experience of having a near brush with death.

I was at the Gilroy Garlic Festival the day of the mass shooting last July. Had I staye...

May 22, 2020

When’s the last time you made a reservation for anything? Reserving a table at a restaurant? Not in a long time. Reserving tickets for the theater? Seems like ages ago.

But during this time of sheltering in place, there is a reservation I want you to make...

May 15, 2020

This Shabbat was anticipated to be a very special occasion for six women in our congregation. For nearly a year, the students in Michelle Eisenbruck’s class were planning to become Adult B’not Mitzvah on May 16.

Ann Anderson, Janine Charlton, Gigi Dornfest, Terri Gladis...

May 8, 2020

A couple of weeks ago after our Havdalah service, I asked folks to respond to a question. I inquired, “What habit or project have you begun during the quarantine?”

Everyone had something interesting to share. Some have taken up regularly playing online games with family...

May 1, 2020

Tonight marks the seventh Shabbat evening when we will utilize a virtual platform for our service. With more experience, it will be far easier than the panic I felt preparing for our first Shabbat service on March 20.

However, I don’t want to give the impression that le...

April 24, 2020

The other night Marla Kolman Antebi and I got together with a number of TBT teens. During our Zoom time, we were eager to hear how they are coping during the pandemic.

Remarkably well, I’m pleased to say.

They are certainly dealing with challenges. Siblings who do no...

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