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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 3/19/21

The other night I was tuned into a television broadcast which began with a story of shootings at three massage parlors in Atlanta. My initial response was “that is so sad, another case of mass murder in America.”

It did not dawn on me at first about the deeper meaning of this violence. But a reporter said the shootings could be the result of a hate crime against Asian Americans.

At this time a suspect has been apprehended. His motivation is not clearly determined. However, without question, the impact upon Asian Americans of the murder of eight people is devastating.

They view this attack as an act of violence against their community. They have every reason to fear this is a trend in the United States. FBI statistics corroborate their alarm.

As Jewish Americans, we identify keenly with other minority groups. We stand in solidarity just as others have stood with us when we have been attacked, such as recently took place when a swastika was painted on the wall of our synagogue.

The Reform Movement vigorously denounces all acts of bigotry and violence. This statement expresses our condemnation of hate crimes against Asian Americans.


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