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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 3/12/21

Ever witness a docking maneuver that takes place in outer space? It’s an ultra-delicate operation as two free-flying space vehicles attempt to rendezvous. Both ships must make hundreds of adjustments in order to align. And when the moment comes when docking is achieved and the two ships orbit together, everyone lets out a cheer.

A docking maneuver in space is a metaphor for describing what it’s like for a congregation and a new rabbi to come together. The synagogue is already in orbit, moving ahead with its mission and crew. Out in space are astronauts who are wondering whether the Temple Beth Torah spaceship is the best place for them to land.

Fortunately, as Ronnie Petersohn shared with the congregation earlier this week, Erev Rav Zoe McCoon has accepted Temple Beth Torah’s invitation to become the next rabbi.

I know that the Rabbinic Search Committee, chaired by Sharon Sacks, worked extraordinarily diligently to find the right new rabbi for TBT. They began their effort in earnest last fall. They defined what they were seeking in a rabbi, received resumes, conducted interviews, and scheduled follow-up meetings. Even as the committee narrowed its choice of candidates, there was no certainty an offer would be accepted.

Any candidate for a rabbinic position is filled with hope and uncertainty. You are being judged by people you have just met. Do you measure up to their expectations? How do you maintain a balance between confidence and humility? Most importantly, will your top choice for a position be offered to you or someone else?

I want to congratulate the search committee for all their hard work and for finding a wonderful new rabbi for Temple Beth Torah. I have met Erev Rav Zoe McCoon and have expressed to her my Mazel Tov and support.

A successful docking has taken place! There is every reason to cheer this accomplishment and to look forward with confidence to a new era at Temple Beth Torah.

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