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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 2/26/21

Too Many Words from Rabbi Schulman:

It was a gutsy move. But the times called for bold action and Temple’s leadership knew what they had to do.

After 14 years of hard labor, I am retiring and will be named Rabbi Emeritus (Latin for “Rabbi Put Out to Pasture”). Rather than find a new full-time rabbi to replace me, the Search Committee said, “Everything’s online these days. Why do we need someone in Fremont to be our rabbi? Maybe we could share a rabbi with another congregation.”

After a quick search online, they found plenty of other Temple Beth Torahs around the country. There is one in Wellington, Florida; Melville, New York; Centreville, Virginia; even one in California in Ventura.

People thought about how convenient it would be. Any of these TBT rabbis could begin a sermon with: “My dear friends at Temple Beth Torah” – and never being wrong! A Shabbat service could be taped live at 7:30pm Eastern and rebroadcast at 7:30pm Pacific. Who would know the difference?

Sure, some folks will miss seeing “their” rabbi onscreen. But congregants eventually adjust. They may even grow to like having a rotation of Temple Beth Torah rabbis rather than the same one week after week. Some of these other TBT rabbis even play guitar, a class I failed three times in rabbinic school.

Yes, the winds of change are blowing at Temple Beth Torah. It’s getting near time for me to get out of the breezeway. Good thing I have a golden parachute when I jump!

Wait. What’s that you say? There is no parachute?

Uh oh, I think I better get back to doing my job pronto!

Happy Purim Everyone!!


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