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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 10/16/2020

Over the years, we have sponsored different kinds of teen programs at Temple Beth Torah. Long time members have fond memories of their children attending Midrasha. When it concluded around five years ago, we launched a series of programs we called Sababa Sunday.

On a monthly basis, teens would meet as we explored aspects of Judaism that were relevant to their lives. We also went on field trips, visiting the Contemporary Jewish Museum; a Jewish cemetery in Oakland; and volunteering at a ranch for rescued miniature horses.

This year we are excited to be participating for the first time in a national program entitled Tzedek America. Teens from across North America meet virtually to “hear from and engage with activists, nonprofit organizations, and other teens who are experiencing and combating social injustice in their communities and worldwide.” 

There is a different theme each month. September focused on Teen Mental Health and featured Mayim Bialik, a well-known actress and mental health advocate. This month’s theme is Racial Justice. We are proud that one of our teens will be on a panel speaking about her experiences.

The monthly sessions have a professional sheen. They are well-produced, fast paced, engaging, and there is a teen DJ providing tasty licks to set the pace.

In addition to Tzedek America sessions, Marla Kolman Antebi and I plan on meeting separately with our teens. We know that this pandemic has placed an enormous stress on the well-being of our Temple teenagers and we want them to know we are there to support them now and in the months to come.


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