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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 5/22/2020

When’s the last time you made a reservation for anything? Reserving a table at a restaurant? Not in a long time. Reserving tickets for the theater? Seems like ages ago.

But during this time of sheltering in place, there is a reservation I want you to make for next Thursday evening, May 28. Congregation Beth Emek and our synagogue will once again be joining to celebrate Shavuot, the festival that commemorates the Giving of Torah.

When our two congregations join together to worship, it’s uplifting to see friends from both synagogues. Rabbi Milder’s insights and his skillful musicianship add so much to our being together.

After the service we will fulfill the mitzvah of studying Torah. Rabbi Milder and I will lead two study sessions that focus on the question: Does God still talk to us today?

Unlike any previous year, we will celebrate Shavuot virtually; utilizing Zoom. In order to increase the security of our gathering, there is a need for you to register beforehand. Click here to register for next Thursday night.

By the way, I guarantee you won’t need a credit card to make your reservation.

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