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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 2/28/2020

The hills are alive with the sound of Purim.

As I have said many times, at Temple Beth Torah, Purim is not a festival that lasts one day. Purim is a season that is celebrated on multiple occasions in many different ways.

Last Sunday, adults and kids enjoyed baking hamantashen. These scrumptious delicacies will be consumed by the hundreds over the coming days.

Next Wednesday, Adults 60+ are invited for lunch and a “learning” session. Learning is in quotation marks because for Purim I will not be leading a serious discussion. I have something more entertaining in mind. So we can plan for lunch, please RSVP to Jill at or 510-656-7141.

Come Sunday morning, March 8, it’s time for our annual Purim carnival. Once again our awesome teens are planning fantastic activities for our youngsters. There will be games, prizes, a costume pageant, and lunch being provided free of charge by our Education Committee.

Monday night, March 9 is the actual night of Purim and I am thrilled to announce that we are departing from previous years and celebrating in a new way with a sit-down dinner, plenty of adult beverages, and a shpiel. The shpiel is based on the Sound of Music and will be fun and engaging.

This night is for adults 21 and older. Respond to the Evite by next Friday.

Lastly, a very sweet Purim moment arrives on Tuesday, March 10. Children in Gan Sameach will dress-up and parade into the office to share hamantashen with Jill and me. I wish you could see their beautiful faces gleaming with joy.

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