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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 2/21/2020

For as long as I can remember, voting in California’s primary was largely a meaningless activity. By the time we could vote in June, the nominees of the major parties for POTUS had already been determined.

However, this year is different. The primary is March 3; less than two weeks away. California’s huge trove of delegates can boost a candidate toward their party’s nomination.

Regardless of which party or candidate you choose, participating in our democracy is essential. By voting, we are making our voices heard; identifying the issues we care about; and expressing our support for the candidate who best embodies our ideals.

Speaking of elections, I want to urge you to cast your vote in the World Zionist Congress election taking place right now. The WZC consists of 500 delegates from around the world. They determine how to distribute 1 billion dollars over the next five years toward Israeli institutions.

Reform Jewish organizations in Israel have been woefully underfunded by the WZC. However by voting for the ARZA slate in the WZC election, we have a better chance of directing funds to causes we care about as Reform Jews.

To learn about the ARZA slate, click here.

Click here for information about how to vote.

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