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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 7/26/19

Earlier this month, Eve and I had a wonderful time visiting our son, Carmi, in Seattle. He’s lived there long enough to know where the locals go to enjoy good food and drink and we were happy to join him and his girlfriend over the 4th of July weekend.

Afterwards, Eve and I ferried to the San Juan Islands, where we stayed for five days. We learned about the colorful local history, relished the gorgeous scenery, and allowed ourselves to disengage from everyday concerns that normally occupy us.

To this end, Eve established a rule for our trip: no discussion of politics. We needed a break from the maelstrom of political actions and commentary that can be so exhausting. She was completely right. It took some restraint on my end, but there was benefit in ceasing, for a defined period, from sources of aggravation and outrage.

Like Shabbat, it’s essential to set aside time just to be in the world without the imperative to act. I hope you will take time this summer for your own relaxation and refreshment, so that you can return to the work at hand with renewed spirit and energy.

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