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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 4/26/19

It took me quite a while to determine the Torah portion for this Shabbat. For those who possess a print version of a Jewish calendar, it would indicate that this Shabbat is the 8th day of Passover. There is a specific Torah portion assigned for this date.

However, Reform Jews follow the Torah’s dictate to observe Passover seven days. So if this evening Pesach is officially over, what is the parasha?

I consulted a listing of Torah portions in Rabbi Gunther Plaut’s Haftarah Commentary. But the book was published twenty-three years ago and his list does not provide a definitive answer.

I could utilize the website Hebcal, but it follows Orthodox custom.

Then I remembered there is an app for Reform Jews that is always up to date.

For the reasonable price of $5.99, I now have the CCAR’s Reform Luach. Luach is the Hebrew word for calendar and this app has everything. It even has the page number for each Torah portion in the Plaut Torah commentary, which means no more wasted time hunting!

So now all the information I need is only a click away. I can thank my rabbinic organization, the Central Conference of Reform Rabbis, for recognizing a need and for providing a 21st century solution.

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