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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 3/8/19

Back in the time when I watched Monday Night Football, Hank Williams Jr. would open the show with a raucous song entitled “Are you ready for some football?”

Well now that it is the first day of the second month of Adar, I find myself singing “Are you ready for some Purim?”

The kids in Religious School are already in full swing. Last Sunday they dressed-up in costume and acted out all the parts in the Purim story.

This Sunday morning, the sweet smell of hamantashen will be everywhere. WTBT, along with our students, will be baking away. Speaking of which, if you want your own delicious hamantashen baked by Rabbi Eve with a filling of your choice, send in your order by this Monday.

After two Sundays of Purim, are we saying Dayeinu? No way! On March 17 there will be more festivities. Beginning at 11am, kids, their families, and Chaverim (adults 60 and better) are coming together for a read-along play by the students, singing, making Mishloach Manot (Purim gift baskets) and lunch.

RSVP for lunch to Cheryl Cohen by March 12 at

Finally, the holiday of Purim arrives on Wednesday night, March 20. There will be Purim Punch served at the Bimah Bar; the Megillah chanted to Beatles tunes; and an opportunity for anyone willing to read the English translations via improvisation.

Purim is more than a one night affair at Temple Beth Torah. It is a season.

Are you ready for some Purim?

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