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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 1/25/19

I am dismayed by the hardships Federal government employees have suffered as the result of the government shutdown. The sight of individuals and families going to food banks to feed themselves and their children because they are furloughed or not being paid is a very sad sight.

Fortunately there are food banks around the country that provide assistance. And so can we.

Our Temple’s Social Action Committee has a brilliant, straightforward way we can donate to the Alameda County Food Bank. Every dollar we contribute is maximized by the Food Bank toward providing $7 worth of food.

The Social Action Committee has set a goal of raising $1,000. It would be wonderful if our congregation exceeds this amount.

As for the government shutdown, everyone has an opinion as to who is at fault. What is not a partisan issue is that 800,000 federal employees are facing real hardships. By donating to the Alameda County Food Bank, we can provide material assistance to our fellow citizens.

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