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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 12/14/18

Do you know someone in his or her 20s or 30s who positively identifies as Jewish but does not participate in synagogue life? I imagine many readers of this message have sons and daughters or grandchildren who fit this description.

This week I learned about an organization that I think has great appeal for Jewish Millennials. It is called OneTable.

Its mission is remarkably simple but attractive: “OneTable brings Shabbat to people in their 20s and 30s of all backgrounds. They believe that taking a step back, connecting with others, having moments of mindfulness, and enjoying great meals on a Friday night is important.”

OneTable sponsors Shabbat dinners in cities across the US. Everything you need to know about becoming a guest or a host is found on their website. Take a look and see if this is something you want to share with your Jewish Millennial.

As an added bonus, OneTable has a wonderful resource for how to enhance Shabbat dinners in your own home. To view, click here.

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