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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 11/16/18

In the wake of the recent mid-term elections, pundits have commented about the deep divisions in our society. While this may be true, Thanksgiving should be a holiday in which all Americans find common ground.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to be together and enjoy delicious food and drink. Beyond feasting and football, the holiday of Thanksgiving should be rooted in a sense of gratitude for living in America and thankfulness for the freedoms we enjoy.

Yet during Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget the religious impulse that underlies the holiday. The Tri-City Interfaith Council’s Thanksgiving Service reminds us that gratitude is at the heart of every religious tradition.

The service is a panoply of prayers, songs, and dance. It is inspiring to come together in grateful harmony for the country we live in, the common values we share, and to affirm our commitment to celebrate our diversity with respect and appreciation.

Monday night, November 19, the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church will begin at 7:30pm. Come discover once again the common bond among all people that lifts our spirit and inspires our soul.

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