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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 10/19/18

I promise not to call you during dinner each night before the mid-term election November 6.

I swear I will not flood your mailbox with materials urging you to vote for a particular candidate.

I vow not to buttonhole you in the Temple parking lot advising you what statewide propositions to support. .

I strive to be scrupulous about maintaining a separation of synagogue and state.

However, I am a passionate about urging you to be an informed voter. For a comprehensive, non-partisan guide to state and local races go to

It is imperative that as Jews and as Americans we participate in our democracy.

When you don’t fill out a ballot, you are a MISSED-VOTE. And we Jews want to be fulfilling Mitzvot, not Missed-Votes.

Hillel says, “Do not separate yourself from the community.” Participate in society by voting and making your voice count in this election.

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