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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 10/5/18

Our Simchat Torah service earlier this week was wonderful! It was lovely to see so many children and adults together embracing Torah as our Tree of Life.

Simchat Torah marks the close of what has been an enriching and inspiring High Holy Day season. As a concluding note, I want to share something endearing from children in our Religious School.

They were asked to write a hope for the New Year. Their heartfelt expressions were written on papers that were in the shape of a fruit. The paper fruits were then hung in our sukkah. Here are six expressions of hope from our children:

I hope for a good life, good grades, and happiness.

I hope to get new best friends.

I hope in the coming year to get lots of sleep.

I hope that I do well in school and quit procrastinating.

I hope to have a good year and balance everything with a good attitude.

I hope for all my friends to remain special and be cherished for years to come.

To all of our members’ hopes and prayers, let us say: Amen!

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