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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 8/10/18

A Shabbat HaNefesh service is different than a customary Shabbat Evening service. How so? I think the best explanations come not from me but from members of our congregation.

I asked our Worship Committee to express what Shabbat HaNefesh means to them. Sean Raman responded, “I ABSOLUTELY love attending HaNefesh service every 2nd Saturday morning. Unlike the Friday evening Shabbat service which is structured (which I love equally well), the HaNefesh service is free flowing but at the same time tethered to a foundation of prayer. It tugs at my soul every time.”

Ann Anderson wrote, “HaNefesh services are meditative, reflective, calm, quiet, and different from a Friday night service.” Janine Charlton expressed that “this service feels more personal to me, a more intimate connection with Shabbat.”

Jack Samosky stated that the service “provides the time to think about my life, what is important, what is meaningful, bringing me a level of peace.” He added, “the atmosphere is warm, welcoming, open to all and very friendly.” Jack concluded that “everyone, regardless of age, employed or retired, healthy or otherwise faces stress. Shabbat HaNefesh helps reduce that anxiety.”

The spiritual nature of this service was beautifully encapsulated by Marla Zarrow who wrote “Shabbat HaNefesh is a meditative, creative, enjoyable & uplifting soul journey, different each month, where one gets to be deeply alone with HaShem while also within a caring community.”

Our Worship Committee members encourage you to come to a Shabbat HaNefesh service. We meet on the second Saturday of each month.

You are warmly invited to join us tomorrow morning at 10am.

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