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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 5/4/18

I could not be more proud of our TBT Teens. They have been awesome!

The teens had a challenge placed before them earlier this year: how to allocate tzedakah that been collected by different B. Mitzvah classes over a number of years. The fund totals $2,000.

During Sababa Sunday sessions after Religious School, the teens studied Jewish texts on tzedakah. Through the prism of these texts, the students clarified their own values regarding what kinds of organizations they wanted to support.

From an initial list of 15 organizations, the teens eventually chose three. They then created information displays about their chosen organization and included Jewish texts that elucidate the importance of the cause.

The poster boards will be on display during our Lag B’Omer celebration this Sunday from 11am-1pm. Adults at the celebration will be given poker chips which they can deposit in a bowl in front of the display.

The teens decided that whichever bowl receives the most chips would be awarded $1000. The other two causes will each be given $500.

In the end, everyone gains from this collaborative giving of tzedakah. The teens take ownership of distributing charitable funds. Adults will learn about three causes our students care about. Lastly, three worthy organizations are going to benefit from the generosity of our congregation.

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