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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 3/9/18

Passover is just three weeks from tonight. It is never too early to begin preparing to make your Pesach a rich and meaningful experience. Here are some resources to enhance your preparation.

For a Reform Jewish perspective on Passover, click here to find a guide to the Seder, Passover recipes from around the world, and much more.

Interfaith Families is an organization that offers a positive perspective on the challenges and opportunities many face at this time of year. Click here for a link to their Passover guide.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt reminds us that our ancestors were refugees. The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) offers supplemental readings for our Seder, linking the story of the Hebrews to the plight of refugees in today’s world. Their resource can be found here.

As we approach Passover, this year Temple Beth Torah will be hosting a Women’s Seder on Monday, March 19 at 5:30pm. Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters and Daughters of all faiths are invited to this inclusive Seder experience! Cantor Linda Hirschhorn, along with Cheryl Cohen and Sharon Cohen, will lead the Seder. To make your reservation, please email Cheryl at

Lastly, do not forget that on the second night of Pesach, March 31, we will hold our congregational Seder. Reservations are required by March 23. Call the office at 510-656-7141. May your Passover be filled with hope and inspiration.

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