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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 2/2/18

What sustains you in this world?

What makes your heart sing?

At yesterday’s meeting of the Tri-City Interfaith Council, each participant was asked to bring a physical symbol that represents a response to these two questions. We had three minutes to share our symbol’s meaning with the group.

People brought objects ranging in size from tiny to large.

Some symbols came from nature such as redwood bark or a sunflower.

Others had transformed natural materials into beautiful works of art.

One person brought a drum he had fashioned.

Another brought a Bible she had carried since childhood.

Someone brought a prayer mat which facilitates her recitation of prayers five times a day.

A person spoke of his practice of writing a prayer of thanksgiving before bed each evening.

Another did not bring any object at all, but upon exhaling, spoke of the power of meditating on one’s breath.

No two people brought the same symbol. But each person spoke with palpable emotion about the symbol’s significance.

In anticipation of our meeting yesterday, we had more than a week to consider what symbol we would share.

For your own reflection and spiritual growth, I encourage you to ponder:

What sustains you in this world?

What makes your heart sing?

What physical symbol would represent your response?

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