A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 1/26/18

January 26, 2018

Two weeks ago, Matt Ballin invited me to speak to his Irvington High School drama students. I had a wonderful time enriching their understanding of the Jewish themes in Fiddler on the Roof: the tension between tradition and modernity as well as between men and women’s roles. I spoke about Jewish rituals for Shabbat and for weddings.


This coming Sunday, the Women of Temple Beth Torah are showing the Israeli film, The Women’s Balcony. After the movie, we will have an opportunity to discuss the movie’s depiction of the tension between tradition and modernity as well as between men and women’s roles. We might also discuss Jewish rituals for Shabbat and for weddings.

Sounds familiar, no?


However, The Women’s Balcony is an altogether different kettle of fish. For one thing, the movie depicts life not in 19th century Anatevka but in present day Jerusalem. Also, these Jews are not Yiddish speaking Ashkenazim but Sephardic Jews whose foods and customs are distinct. And though Fiddler is filled with memorable songs, the punchy lines of the Women’s Balcony are not set to music.


I have seen The Women’s Balcony and I know that it is a really delightful film. Its portrayal of communal life in a Jerusalem neighborhood is both humorous and insightful. Anyone over the age of 12 would enjoy this film.

The movie will begin this Sunday at 5:00pm. A dinner of pizza, salad, and refreshments will be served afterwards. There is a modest fee of $5 for the meal.


If you plan on attending and you have not responded to the Evite that was sent out earlier this week, you can RSVP to Edith Caplan at ecaplan123@aol.com. Please do so before Sunday so enough food can be arranged for everybody.



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