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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 10/13/17

The devastation from the fires in the North Bay is absolutely heartbreaking. The loss of lives, neighborhoods and businesses burned to the ground, families barely escaping from the flames almost defy comprehension.

For thousands of campers, families, and staff who have been part of the Camp Newman community, the news that the camp was destroyed in the Tubbs Fire on Monday was shattering. Thankfully, the staff is safe, as are the camp’s Torahs.

On Tuesday, I met with teenagers who recently attended Newman. Everyone was sad about what had happened. But they expressed optimism that they would be a part of the process of building Newman’s future.

Their resilience expresses the eternal hope of the Jewish people that after a catastrophe, we rebuild. We also can take heart in the courage of the first responders in the North Bay. Their bravery and tenacity are awe inspiring.

For an overview of the impact of North Bay’s fires on the Jewish community, as well as ways to help, please click here.

One concluding note: a week from tonight, Natalie Firato will speak during our Shabbat service about her experiences in Houston last month. Natalie is a member of TBT and an RN who volunteered to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Her firsthand account of responding to those impacted by catastrophe will have added meaning in the wake of the North Bay fires.

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