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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 6/16/17

This past March, Temple member Syrah Grannis spoke at a Shabbat Service on the subject of “Trans in America.” In the conclusion of her informative and moving address, she said, “Gerrieann and I try to educate people whenever we can. We have talked at colleges to future therapists and have been interviewed by college students for their thesis.

We believe our presence in public serves to show people that we are the same as anyone else. We can only hope that as each person learns and understands that they pass it on…

The Torah is very clear that compassion is required above all else. Leviticus 19:18 commands us to love our neighbor as ourself.”

June is Gay Pride month. For several years, members of Temple Beth Torah have joined with our friends in the Reform movement to march in the Pride Parade in San Francisco. We hope many will choose to do so on June 25.

For those who want to locally show our support for our LGBTQ family and friends, there will be a rally in Fremont next Thursday, June 22. The Tri-City Interfaith Council and Compassionate Fremont sponsor a monthly vigil on an issue of social justice. This month’s rally focuses on how we are all part of one human family.

I hope you will join me next Thursday.

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