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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 12/23/16

I am usually a grump when it comes to Christmas. In years past, I resisted the invasion of Christmas songs broadcasting on the radio and television by changing the channel. When a store clerk perfunctorily wishes me “Merry Christmas,” I resolutely responded “Happy Holidays.” The frantic shopping for last minute gifts, the jostling to find parking spaces in crowded lots; the crescendo of christmasing in years past have left me resentful and eagerly waiting until it all blows over December 26.

But not this year.

It has been a bruising, frightful, angry year for our country. In response, I welcome this holiday season for its positive elements: kindness, friendship, community, generosity, and gratitude. Wherever people gather in the days ahead, may everyone be in good cheer and may every home be filled with blessings.

We already have held wonderful Chanukah programs at TBT: a Chanukah Gift Fair, a Family Education celebration in our Beit Midrash, and a wonderful party with Gan Sameach children and parents. There is more to come including Sunday’s Movie and Dinner and a Shabbat Chanukah service a week from tonight.

I wish you and your loved ones Chag Urim Sameach: a joyful festival. May the lights of Chanukah fill your home with love and illuminate a path toward peace.

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