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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 12/16/16

Three weeks ago, Josh Cohen was in town and he led a Shiru L’Adonai Shabbat service. Shiru is unlike our customary Shabbat Evening service in that it emphasizes singing, with musicians playing guitar, bass, piano, and drums.

The Shiru service on November 23 was wonderfully uplifting. It was filled with lots of spirit by the singers, the musicians, and the participation of the large number of people who came that evening.

I am delighted to say that we will be holding another Shiru L’Adonai service in a week on Friday night December 23. I can say without hesitation that a Shiru service appeals to people of all ages. Children and adults find the service energizing and elevating.

In advance of next Friday night, I have a special request to make of parents who have adult children who do not live at home. Maybe they will be on break from college. Or perhaps they are making an effort to be home for Chanukah. In any case, PLEASE encourage them to come to the service December 23.

I so enjoy seeing students I’ve taught for a B. Mitzvah or in Confirmation. It is great having an opportunity to reconnect. It’s also a time when young adults who have been classmates to see old friends again. So parents, please urge the young adults in your family to come next Friday night – and make sure you do so too!

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