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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 11/18/16

Next Monday night, the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will take place at St. Joseph Church. I have participated in this service for many years and I have always found it to be a spiritually uplifting service as people of many faith traditions gather to give thanks.

A couple of days ago a member of our congregation said to me, “I am especially looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving Service.” It took me a moment to register her meaning – and then I understood.

Our recent presidential campaign was highly stressful regardless of which candidate you supported. The stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton on November 8 and the election of Donald Trump to be our next president have provoked many strong feelings. For supporters of Secretary Clinton: grief, fear, and anger. For advocates for Mr. Trump: triumph, joy, and vindication.

In many ways, we are a divided country. But the comment by this Temple member reminded me of the added significance of the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. We are a nation in need of healing. The service is a peaceful, affirming way for Americans of different faiths to come together. Let our gathering next Monday night be one step in the right direction for our community and for our country.

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