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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 9/23/16

Tomorrow night marks the beginning of a season for reflection and self-inquiry. Selichot ushers in a period of returning to the right path through prayer and righteous giving.

On Saturday night we will gather as a congregation for socializing at 8:30pm; then study for an hour texts that relate to the significance of the shofar. Afterwards, we will hold our Selichot service.

To embrace the meaning of the High Holy Days, we must open ourselves to the possibility of personal transformation. It is not achieved instantly but instead over the course of many days.

Tomorrow night we begin this process. On Selichot, let us open our hearts to one another as we gather as a community. Let us open our minds as we engage in study of sacred literature. May we open our souls to God’s Presence as we seek forgiveness and a renewal of spirit.

As we open ourselves to the power of the Days of Awe, may the words of the psalmist speak to us anew:

“Open the gates of righteousness for me that I may enter them and praise the Eternal.” Psalm 118.19

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