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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 7/1/16

Deadlines have a way of focusing our energies and compelling us to concentrate efforts to succeed. Our Legacy Committee at Temple Beth Torah had until March 31 to receive commitments from 18 Temple members or families in order to fulfill the requirements of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Under the leadership of Pip Ziman, the committee redoubled its efforts in the final weeks of March and succeeded in receiving those 18 commitments. As a result, Temple Beth Torah has received from the Grinspoon Foundation a grant of $10,000 with no strings attached.

Yesterday, June 30, was Rabbi Eve’s last official day as Director of Education at Temple Beth Torah. Cheryl Cohen headed the search committee to find a Director of Learning and Engagement. Cheryl and the committee made every effort to find the right person for our congregation. Would we have someone in place before Rabbi Eve’s retirement? The answer is Yes! I am very pleased that an experienced and talented educator here in the Bay Area will be guiding our programs come August 1. You will be hearing much more about her in the coming weeks.

As for our other key staffing challenge, hiring a Director for our Gan Sameach Preschool, Janice Fonteno and her search committee diligently publicized the staff position, interviewed candidates, and determined that there is someone very qualified to become the director. Again, as with the Director of Learning and Engagement, final details are being worked through, but I am optimistic that we have found the right person.

Pip, Cheryl, and Janice, along with their committees, have met critical deadlines, enabling our congregation to move forward with confidence and success. Susan Schwartz and our Temple officers and board member deserve credit as well for their support in these efforts. As we begin a new fiscal year on this first day of July, let us give thanks to our many members who give of their time, energy, and resources to make our congregation the center of Jewish life in the Tri-City area.

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