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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 7/24/15

Now that I have returned from a restful and relaxing vacation, I am in the process of transitioning back into Temple mode. Some important events have occurred during my absence, so it would be quite understandable if you were to expect me to offer my perspective. So let me begin by saying that regarding the recently signed Agreement between Iran and the United States, China, Russia, Great Britain, France, and Germany, I think it is, uh, I think it is, I think it is worth considerable more thought on my part before I proffer my view on the subject. But when it comes to the outrageous comment by Israel’s Minister of Religious Affairs that Reform Jews are not really Jews, I think that his comments are outrageous, really outrageous, and I am outraged by what he said. Speaking of bigots, Donald Trump deserves to be …..hey wait, isn’t publicity exactly what he is seeking? So why comment on him? Let me try a different tack. How about the Pope’s encyclical on Climate Change? Isn’t this what we seek in our religious leaders: a willingness to address the big issues in life and to do so with moral clarity and prophetic zeal? OK. I admit it. I am not yet in full Pope mode. Instead my mind drifts back to one of the highlights of my vacation: my enjoyment of the most scrumptious pie I’ve ever eaten. What Homer Simpson is to donuts, I am to pie (though unlike Homer, I try not to drool). Over the years I’ve eaten my fair share of pies, but nothing tasted better than the one I ate on a recent visit to San Diego. Earlier this month, I was staying with my brother, Marty, in Encinitas, using his home as a base as I frolicked around the area. I am not above using a tourist guidebook for suggestions and in the food section there was a description of Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon located just 10 minutes from my brother. I have visited Marty and his family more times than I can count, but I have never heard of this place – and neither had they. So I made a beeline for Betty’s and let me say, the description in the tourist magazine didn’t begin to do justice to her Cherry Lattice Pie. Allow me to quote from her menu: “Sour Michigan cherries baked into the best buttery lattice crust you’ll ever have. The classic interwoven lattice top is a true American delight.” Betty ain’t lying. She speaks the truth! Her individual size Cherry Lattice Pie, along with a glass of milk, made for one delicious lunch. Next time you are down in San Diego, I highly recommend you seek out Betty’s Western Style Saloon. She bakes sweet pies like Blackbird, Shoo-fly, and Banana Cream; along with savory pies such as Grandma Lucy’s Chicken, Eat Yer Greens, and the Get Along Lil’ Kielbassy. If I have whetted your appetite for heavenly pie, then that this column is not such a bad thing. However, next week I will try to be less Homeric and instead be more rabbinic.
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