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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 11/21/14

What do ringing bells, a Prayer in Four Directions, sitar playing, and Thai dancers have in common? At what service do you hear English, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Gurumukhi? When do Sikhs, Native Americans, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Baha’i, Unitarians, and Hindus ever pray together? The answer: at the Tri-City Interfaith Council Thanksgiving Service.

Everyone knows we live in a richly diverse region that includes people from all around the world and from many different faiths. We may have a cursory knowledge of what our neighbors and co-workers believe and practice. However, we too often remain politely respectful but completely detached from encountering faith traditions different from our own.

This is what makes the Tri-City Interfaith Council Thanksgiving Service so special. For 53 years, members of different faith communities have come together to give thanks and build community.At the foundation of every great world religion is the awareness of expressing gratitude for the manifold blessings in our lives. We may speak different languages and sing different melodies, but at this special service we affirm there is a common bond between all human beings.

I want to encourage members of Temple Beth Torah to attend this service. Especially if you have never gone in years past, please consider coming this year. I particularly want to encourage parents and children to come to the service on Monday night, November 24. There is no public school next week, so concern about being a school night is eliminated. The service itself is not overly long and the performance by youth choirs, and in some years, traditional Thai dancers, contribute toward making the service engaging for youngsters and teenagers.

The Tri-City Council Interfaith Thanksgiving Service is educational and uplifting for people of all ages. The service will be held at St. Joseph Church on Mission Boulevard beginning at 7:30pm. I hope you will come next Monday night to be enriched and inspired.

TBT Israel Trip Update: We had a terrific turn-out at our Israel Trip information meeting Tuesday night. ARZAWorld Travel is now creating a dedicated website for our June 2015 journey. I will share the website’s address as soon as it is up and running.

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