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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 3/21/14

I love having special times to look forward to at Temple Beth Torah. Let me mention three.

This Friday night, Josh Cohen will be with us for our Family Shabbat Service.Everyone at TBT knows Josh for being an amazing musician and song leader – and a darn nice person too! Growing-up at Temple, we use to see Josh frequently. But now that he is a student in Boston at the Berklee College of Music, we do not see him as often. So every time he at TBT, it’s a special occasion.

Rumor has it that Josh will be teaching us a new song at our service. It was composed by the musical group Sababa. Sababa, by the way, is one of our Religious School students favorite word. It is an Israeli slang word which means “super cool.” You even sound Sababa when you say Sababa.

The musical group Sababa consists of three talented musicians: Steve Brodsky,Robbi Sherwin, and Scott Leader. They are nationally known for their wonderful, engaging performances. Come Sunday morning, May 4, Sababa will be performing here at Temple Beth Torah! Learning one of their songs at our Family service will help us look forward to Sababa’s concert in early May.

The third special moment I want to share with you will take place a week from this Friday night. Our congregation is blessed to have three Torahs. Many are aware that the largest of our Sifrei Torah was rescued from the Holocaust. Long time members of Temple Beth Torah know that Hilda Zell (z”l) and her children, Sharon Sacks and Steven Zell, arranged to have a Sefer Torah from Czechoslovakia brought to our synagogue, symbolizing a living link for the Zell family to the world in which Martin Zell (z’l), husband of Hilda and father of Sharon and Steve, was raised.

At our Shabbat Service on March 28, Sharon will be speaking about the significance of this special Torah. I know that our Shabbat service next Friday night will be a meaningful reminder of the precious legacy that has been bestowed to our generation and to future generations.

March 21, March 28, and May 4 are three occasions I look forward to sharing with our community. I hope you will partake of them as well.

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