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A Word from Rabbi Schulman - 2/21/14 (Purim Shpiel)

I am becoming a bit meshugge because of this year’s Purim Shpiel. In the evening, I hear the song “Can you feel the love tonight?” playing in my head over and over. When I wake-up in the morning, I begin humming “Circle of Life.” Clearly, as a cast member of this year’s Purim Shpiel, music from the Lion King has taken over my life – but this is not a bad thing!

According to our tradition, during this time of Adar when we celebrate the holiday of Purim, we are supposed to be joyful. In just two weeks, you have an opportunity to experience the happiness of The Lion King Shpiel, a Purim Prequel by coming to a performance. This year’s production is the most ambitious undertaking I have experienced at Temple Beth Torah. The set, the lighting and sound are outstanding thanks to Greg Ravenscroft, assisted by Joe Eagle. The original script by Laura Golden does an incredible job adapting the Lion King story and melding it with the story of Purim. Laura keeps a talented cast on point with her skill at directing with just the right touch. The costumes for this year’s shpiel are amazing. Cast members transform into giraffes, hyenas, lions, and gazelles, aided by the costumes created by Laura, Cheryl Cohen, and Hannah Golden. Janette Buechler has choreographed the show, adding flair to our production.

With all these elements coming together – lights, sound, costumes, a fantastic script and an incredible cast - this year’s shpiel is not to be missed. There will be two shows: Saturday night March 8 at 8:00pm and Sunday, March 9 at 12:30pm. Seats are limited to 135 max for each performance. I would encourage you not to wait until the week of the show to purchase a ticket since the seats could be sold-out.

You can go on-line and buy your ticket at or you can stop by the office with your check. All seats are reserved, with pricing as follows:

$50 - VIP front row only

$15 - All other seats

Come be a part of our shpiel’s Circle of Life. You are sure to leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

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