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​If a member of your family or a friend from the temple is ill or in the hospital, please call the temple office to let the Rabbi know. Hospitals in the area are no longer permitted to tell us when they have Jewish patients.

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We have posted all of Rabbi Schulman's High Holy Days sermons from the past seven years. Please click the word "Sermons" in the "Search By Tags" section below to view them. 

November 28, 2014

Israel Update: 


I am very pleased to announce that the website for our Temple Beth Torah Israel Trip in June 2015 is now up and running. You can view information about our itinerary, programs, lodging and more by visiting http://www.arzaworld.com. On the top right han...

November 21, 2014

What do ringing bells, a Prayer in Four Directions, sitar playing, and Thai dancers have in common? At what service do you hear English, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, and Gurumukhi?  When do Sikhs, Native Americans, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Baha’i, Unitarians,...

May 9, 2014

There is one element to our annual Yom HaShoah service that distinguishes it from any other Holocaust commemoration service in the Bay Area. It is Interfaith. All other Yom HaShoah services that I know of in our region are sponsored exclusively by Jewish communal insti...

April 4, 2014

I have been inside Islamic mosques and centers on many occasions. However, there was something about my experience today that beautifully illustrated the ties between Judaism and Islam.


Our monthly meeting of the Tri-City Interfaith Council was held in Fremont at the T...

February 7, 2014

Last Saturday at the Interfaith Harmony Day, I was one of five panelists who represented different religious traditions. During the first part of the panel presentation, the moderator posed to us various questions about belief and practice. The most intriguing question...

January 25, 2014

Tri Cities Interfaith Council World Harmony Celebration


Everyone knows that the residents of Fremont, Newark, and Union City come from a wide array of backgrounds. Fremont itself has been credited as being the most ethnically diverse city of its size in the entire Unit...

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