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Want To Know More About Temple Beth Torah?

At Temple Beth Torah we pride ourselves on welcoming people of diverse age, gender, interests, backgrounds and other faith traditions. Our congregants are committed to being part of and contributing to a community where everyone's spiritual needs are met, where lasting and meaningful friendships are made, where our rich heritage is passed from generation to generation, and where social justice is upheld. We invite you to attend services and programs to learn more about Temple Beth Torah. Our Shabbat services, cultural events, and social activities are open to all. Please come visit us soon and see for yourself why so many have found a spiritual home at Temple Beth Torah. We look forward to having you as a part of our vibrant and growing Jewish community.


We would love for you to help us get to know you better by filling out our General Information form.


TBT has decided to publicly post annual gateway membership rates for adults under age 35. Gateway membership rates are as follows:


$36.00 - Annual dues for a single adult or adult couple <29.
$90.00 - Annual dues for a single adult or single parent 30-35.
$180.00 - Annual dues for an adult couple 30-35.


For additional information, please contact Mara Sheade at the Temple office at (510) 656-7141 or email

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Temple Beth Torah sends out a weekly email on Thursday evenings to keep everyone up to date on what is going on around the temple and community, including links to our virtual services! If you are not on the email list, and would like to be added, click here to sign up

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