August 2020 Fund Contributions & Yahrzeits

Fund Contributions


General Fund

  • In memory of Philip Ehrlich, father of Beth Ehrlich, grandfather of Patrice and Rin ~ Beth Ehrlich

  • In memory of Bernard Fisher, father of Laurie Ravenscroft ~ Laurie and Greg Ravenscroft

  • In memory of Annette Ohayon ~ Raymonde Digiacomo

Worship Fund

  • In appreciation for all the on-line services, communication, etc. ~ Terri Gladish

  • In memory of Joe Eagle, Happy Birthday Dad ~ Diana Nguyen Keaton

Temple Beth Torah Legacy Circle

  • Alan and Michelle Eisenbruck

  • Christina and Elliott Broadwin

  • Dr. and Mrs.* Bertram Silver

  • Dr. Harry* and Mrs. Rosalind Citron

  • Geoffrey and Ann Ziman

  • Hannah and Rick Brodzinsky

  • Jack A. Samosky

  • Jackie Bazley

  • James Cohen

  • Jim and Ronnie Petersohn

  • Joseph and Monique Bradley

  • Leslie and Dan Strauss

  • Marla Zarrow and Family

  • Megan Ziman

  • Phoebe and Alan Weiner

  • Pip and Jill Ziman

  • Rabbi Avi Schulman

  • Randy and Bessie Rosenberg

  • Rosalie and Herman Rosenbaum

  • Sean Raman

  • Sheldon and Susan Schwartz

  • Shirley Wein

  • Stacy Petersohn

  • Susan Amouroux

  • Verrona Gore and Steve Barncord

  • Anonymous (8)


*z’’l – in blessed memory

Tree of Life / Memorial Plaques


Would you like to memorialize a beloved family member or friend who is no longer with us? 


Have you had a memorable family happening this year, such as a new baby, an engagement, a wedding, or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?


Think of how wonderful it would be to put a leaf on our beautiful Tree of Life in commemoration of a loved one's memory, or a joyous event. In the years to come, you will see the leaf, and the blessed memories of loved ones or of happy occasions will come to mind again. 


Purchase a leaf on our Tree of Life or a memorial plaque, and engrave the names of special people or special life moments forever. The cost for a leaf is $125, and the cost for a memorial plaque is $500. 


Credit card payments for leafs and memorial plaques can be made from our Payment and Donations page, but please be sure to inquire with Jill in the office to provide her with details for the personal engravings.



Zecher Tzaddik Livracha - “May the Memory of the Righteous Be For a Blessing.” 


A * before the names below signifies that a Memorial Plaque will be lit in their memory.

August 7

  • Israel Irving Berenbaum brother of Babe King

  • Linda Cohen wife of Jim Cohen

  • Heshmat Diani mother of Bahieh Ehsanipour

  • *Louis Fischer

  • *Genya Gollub Geller

  • Agnes Garfield Harris grandmother of Jill Maleson

  • *Arthur Hochman

  • Beth Kaufman sister of Susan Toth

  • Sam King father of Barney King

  • *Eugene Klein

  • Sophie Rothstein mother of Wanda Rothstein

  • Eileen Teitel mother of Mara Sheade

  • Bayla Wagner great aunt of Gary Schwartzman


August 14

  • *Maurice Abouab

  • Janice Fields Ballin mother of Matt Ballin

  • *Joshua Maurice Cohen

  • *Sara Fine

  • Vivian Franklin aunt of Charlotte Williams

  • *Ira Robert Kushlan

  • Leon Lerch father of Phyllis Wood

  • Grace Perlman mother of Stewart Perlman

  • *Morris Pitka

  • Sophie Schperberg mother in law of Wanda Rothstein

  • Jerry Schwartzman father of Gary Schwartzman

  • Natalie Weinstein mother of Jack Weinstein

August 21

  • *Edward B. Arnold

  • *Henry Avon husband of Ruth Avon

  • *Geza Baumgarten

  • *Esther Benisty sister of Suzanne Corbett

  • James J. Dimino father in law of Phyllis Dimino

  • *Betty Fischer

  • David Gimpel father of Miriam Mazliach

  • *Jay Gore father of Verrona Gore

  • *Jerry Lawrence

  • *Rodney Levin

  • *Mae Ruben

  • Rose Ruskin grandmother of Carol Schneider

  • Jerome ‘Jerry’ Salzman father of Terri Gladish

  • *Sona Stein mother in law of Amos Picker

  • Theodora Steinberg mother of Gerrieann Smith

  • *Phyllis R. Zarrow mother of Marla Zarrow


August 28

  • Juan Barbosa father of Melody Barbosa-Kheylik

  • *Julius Ray Bradley father of Joseph Bradley

  • Helga Eagle mother in law of Jo Eagle

  • Ruth Ehrlich mother of Beth Ehrlich

  • Louis Espir grandfather of Pip Ziman

  • Samuel Grossman grandfather of Carol Schneider

  • *Julius Hoch father of Mel Hoch

  • Rose Mayer grandmother of Sue Schwartzman

  • Hannah Abigail Menache daughter of Marlene and Carl Menache

  • Leonard Z. Sacks father of Rick Sacks

  • Dr. Albert Sheinbaum uncle of Nancy Weisenfeld

  • *Anna Sorokin

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