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November 2019 Fund Contributions & Yahrzeits

Fund Contributions

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

  • In memory of Herb’s father ~ Herb and Barbara Nagel

  • In memory of my dear departed sister, Shirley Marciano ~ Lenore Rome

  • With fondest thoughts for our Beth Torah family ~ Barbara & Jeffrey Klein, Heather Klein-Segall & Eli Segall & Lila Segall

  • In memory of my father Daniel Leeson on his first yahrzeit ~ Martha Garcia

  • Daniel Flamm

  • In honor of Rabbi Schulman and Rabbi Ben-Ora ~ Joe Goldman

  • In memory of Barry Perlman, you are sorely missed ~ Stewart and Audrey Perlman

General Fund
  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Susan Amouroux

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Mira Okh

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Arlene Hitchcock

  • In memory of Bill Bitter and Eric Bitter ~ Arlynn Peavey

  • In memory of Shirley Ravenscroft ~ Laurie and Greg Ravenscroft

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Verrona Gore and Steve Barncord

  • In memory of Abraham Hertzberg ~ Jonathan Weisman

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Danette and Stanley Keiser

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Jackie and Art Naftaly

  • Carol Schneider

  • In memory of Moe Levy ~ Lulu Levy

Bessie Leash Fund for Deaf Children

  • In honor of Cheryl Katz Cohen ~ Danielle Silk

Building Fund

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~Mara and Jeff Sheade

Education Fund

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Laurie and Greg Ravenscroft

John Cerelli Choir Fund

  • In memory of Harry Brown ~ Leslie and Dan Guterman

  • In memory of Mark Levine ~ Deborah Reisman

Music Enrichment Fund

  • Yizkor Memorial Book ~ Janice and Rick Fonteno

High Holy Days Appeal

  • Susan Amouroux

  • Ann Anderson

  • Erica and James Benton

  • Rick Brodzinsky and Jackie Bazley

  • Michele Berke

  • Karen and Ted Bresler

  • Hannah Brodzinsky

  • Janine Charlton

  • Rosalind Citron

  • Jo Eagle

  • Janice and Rick Fonteno

  • Martha and Rich Garcia

  • Angie and Alan Gelb

  • Terri Gladish

  • Talila Golan

  • Leslie and Daniel Guterman

  • Arlene Hitchcock

  • Steven Horwitz

  • Babe King

  • Brianna and James Kitcher

  • Larisa and Lev Krasnovsky

  • Valerie and David Makower

  • Jackie and Art Naftaly

  • Sebastian and Jacqueline Passanisi

  • Ronnie and Jim Petersohn

  • Kevin Potter and Ellen Berger

  • Sonja and Danny Radcliff

  • Laurie and Greg Ravenscroft

  • Deborah Reisman

  • Glauco and Maria Romeo

  • Jack Samosky

  • Sara and Michael Schneider

  • Carol Schneider

  • Rabbi Avi Schulman and Rabbi Eve Ben-Ora

  • Mara and Jeff Sheade

  • Monica and John Silberberg

  • Ettie Slotnick

  • Dianna and Jonathan Sloves

  • Phoebe and Alan Weiner

Temple Beth Torah Legacy Circle

  • Susan Amouroux

  • Jackie Bazley

  • Joseph and Monique Bradley

  • Christina Broadwin

  • Elliot Broadwin

  • Hannah Brodzinsky

  • Rick Brodzinsky

  • James Cohen

  • Barney* and Babe King

  • Dr. Harry* and Mrs. Rosalind Citron

  • Alan Eisenbruck

  • Michelle Eisenbruck

  • Verrona Gore and Steve Barncord

  • Jim Petersohn

  • Ronnie Petersohn

  • Stacy Petersohn

  • Sean Raman

  • Rosalie and Herman Rosenbaum

  • Randy and Bessie Rosenberg

  • Jack A. Samosky

  • Sheldon Z. Schwartz

  • Susan C. Schwartz

  • Rabbi Avi Schulman

  • Dr. and Mrs.* Bertram Silver

  • Leslie and Dan Strauss

  • Shirley Wein

  • Phoebe and Alan Weiner

  • Marla Zarrow and Family

  • Geoffrey and Ann Ziman

  • Megan Ziman

  • Pip and Jill Ziman

  • Anonymous (8)


*z’’l – in blessed memory


Zecher Tzaddik Livracha - “May the Memory of the Righteous Be For a Blessing.” 

A * before the names below signifies that a Memorial Plaque will be lit in their memory.

November 1

  • *Ida E. Anderson mother of Ann Anderson

  • *Judith Baumgarten mother of Nina Laurent

  • Barney Dryfuss grandfather of Martha Garcia

  • Dick Freye uncle of Arlene Hitchcock

  • Marion Caroline Hirschhorn mother of Bonny Mannina

  • Michael R. Keiser brother of Stanley Keiser

  • Helen Kirshner mother in law of Susan Fisher-Kirshner

  • Abram Krasnovsky father of Lev Krasnovsky

  • Zina Kravets mother of Eugene Kravets

  • Esfir Passinsky mother of Vladimir Passinsky

  • *Armin Pollack grandfather of Nina Laurent

  • *Harry C. Reizner grandfather of Robin Hunter

  • *Bennie Stein father in law of Amos Picker

  • *Leon Wilson father of Fred Wilson

November 8

  • Lena Begun sister in law of Larisa Krasnovskaya

  • *Fannie Black

  • Arthur Greene uncle of Renay Gaye

  • *Joseph I. Harrosh

  • Rose Hoch mother of Mel Hoch

  • *Zalman Kaganovich uncle of Albert Meyerzon

  • Rita Krasnovskaya mother of Lev Krasnovsky

  • Jack Lusher father of Jackie Naftaly

  • *Barney Newman

  • *Rose Politsky

  • Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg

November 15

  • Alberta Arnold mother of Steven Arnold

  • Morris Benbassat father of Nancy Hom

  • Atah Ehsanipour brother of Bahieh Ehsanipour

  • *Alex Fine

  • *Sylvia Friedberg

  • Kate Grossman grandmother of Carol Schneider

  • *Fay Holder

  • *Celia Loober

  • Gella Lusher mother of Jackie Naftaly

  • *Lillian S. Malen mother of Nancy Weisenfeld

  • *Tillie Michenfelder

  • Adrian Naum-Stoian husband of Nadia Naum-Stoian

  • *Bernard Pytka

  • *Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

  • Alan Ravenscroft father of Greg Ravenscroft

  • Bess Riback mother of Leslie Rothbach

  • *Barry Rogoff husband of Betty Rogoff

  • Michael Schafir remembered by Janice Schafir

  • Lucilla Villanueva mother of Angie Gelb

November 22

  • *Frieda Breytel grandmother of Larisa Krasnovskaya

  • *Jesse William Citron father of Ruth Avon, father in law of Rosalind Citron

  • Joe Eagle husband of Jo Eagle

  • Samuel Hart grandfather of Charlotte Williams

  • Steven Hayward Kahalas brother of Susan Toth

  • *Shayvah Kleynerman grandmother of Larisa Krasnovskaya

  • Alfred Leeson grandfather of Martha Garcia

  • June Marie Dalton Leigh mother of Don Dalton

  • Max Manes grandfather of Rick Brodzinsky

  • Sheldon Nagel brother of Herbert Nagel

  • Marion Shapiro grandmother of Rachel Korzenny

  • Zalman Shpitalnik grandfather of Zoya Kravets

  • *Frederick Royal Whiteman

November 29

  • *Milton Bloom

  • David Henry DeMar brother of Joan DeMar

  • Esther Friedman mother of Audrey Perlman

  • Joseph Tudor Maleson husband of Jill Maleson

  • Leon Mazliach father of Abe Mazliach

  • *Arnold Schulman father of Rabbi Avi Schulman

Tree of Life


Would you like to memorialize a beloved family member or friend who is no longer with us? 


Have you had a memorable family happening this year, such as a new baby, an engagement, a wedding, or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?


Think of how wonderful it would be to put a leaf on our beautiful Tree of Life in commemoration of a loved one's memory, or a joyous event. In the years to come, you will see the leaf, and the blessed memories of loved ones or of happy occasions will come to mind again. 


Purchase a leaf on our Tree of Life or a memorial plaque, and engrave the names of special people or special life moments forever. The cost for a leaf is $125, and the cost for a memorial plaque is $500. 


Credit card payments for leafs and memorial plaques can be made from our Payment and Donations page, but please be sure to inquire with Jill in the office to provide her with details for the personal engravings.