Fremont Green Challenge: DOUBLE 60 by 60!




Are you composting, recycling, reducing water use, or drying clothes outside on the line instead of using the dryer? Do you use a reusable water bottle in place of store-bought plastic bottles of water or do any other green action? Join Rabbi Zoe, TBT board members, and our TBT community for the Double 60 by 60 Green Challenge. Our plan is to reach a collective goal of 120 actions for TBT’s 60th anniversary in June. We need your help to accomplish this audacious goal! 

Due to accomplishing over 70+ completed green actions already we are renaming our efforts to Double 60 by 60. Join us and together we can reach 120 Green Actions before June !!!    

A couple of months ago, TBT Social Action leaders visited our religious school to talk about 60 by 60 and the importance of taking care of our planet. Here are some of the posters our students made to help us remember! This Sunday, Joshua Benoun was asked to create something that represented a meaningful experience in Religious School. He created "The Green Challenge Tree".  


If you haven't yet signed up to help us reach our "double 60 by 60 green goal" - sign up today! Join the Green Challenge.   

Please contact Susan Schwartz, our Social Action Committee co-chair, at to learn more or to become more involved.