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February 2020 Important Announcements


  • ​Our Shema Project is underway!  We have identified a handful of stellar facilitators who will be attending a training in early December. We intend to organize the listening circles to begin in mid-February. Stay tuned for more details coming in the next week! 

  • From Rabbi Schulman: Judaism and Christianity both have books that are central to our faiths. For Jews, the Five Books of Moses form the heart of Judaism. Other sacred books, the Prophets and Writings, form the core of the Hebrew Bible. Christians revere these same books as formulating what they refer to as the Old Testament. Central to their faith is the New Testament, a collection of writings which attest to their belief in Jesus as the Son of God. Whereas Judaism and Christianity both have sacred texts, do we read them in the same manner? That is the key question Reverend Jeff Spencer and I will be addressing the weekend of 2/21-2/23. Jeff and I will be participating in a pulpit exchange. He will speak at our 7:30pm Shabbat Evening service on Friday, 2/21 on the subject of “How Christians Read Their Scripture.” I am invited to speak on “How Jews Read Our Sacred Texts” at the 10:00am service on Sunday, 2/23 at Niles Discovery Church. Congregants from each house of worship are warmly invited to attend each other’s service. 

  • Friday, 2/7 is the next Family Shabbat service at 7:00pm. All families are welcome. The oneg will be sponsored by our Religious School families.

  • Stop by the WTBT Gift Shop to browse or purchase items at our jewelry sale on Sunday, 2/9 during religious school hours (9:30am to 12:15pm).  

  • There will be a Tu B'shevat seder and interactive fun for the Religious School families on Sunday, 2/9 from 9:30am to 12:15pm. Please bring the whole family and a picnic blanket. We will try to meet outside, weather permitting.

  • Rabbi Stacy Petersohn will be teaching a new, two-part Adult Education class entitled "Women of the Bible, Stories Re-Examined". The dates are Thursdays, 2/20 and 2/27 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Cost is $20 per session. For more information, please email education@bethtorah-fremont.org.​

  • Attention seniors - mark your calendars! Our Chaverim group for those age 60 and better be meeting at TBT at 11:00am on Wednesday, 3/4 to celebrate Purim with learning, lunch, and (of course) hamantaschen! Keep an eye out for the Evite and more info in the weekly emails! 

  • Beth Torah has created a Legacy Endowment with the Jewish Federation and Foundation of the East Bay. For more information, please contact Pip Ziman at pipz00@aol.com.

  • Donating to TBT is so easy, you can do it while you shop online with the Amazon Smiles program. Please visit our Online Fundraising page to learn more and to sign up for free! Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases back to TBT.