TBT's 2020 Amazing Race

TBT TAR Logo.jpg

Do you miss being with our wonderful TBT community but worry about being together and risking our health due to COVID-19?

Do you like to walk for fun and/or exercise, or track your steps each day?

Do you enjoy getting outside daily in summer when the weather is nice? 

Do you like a little bit of friendly competition with people you know?

If so, please gather up your favorite people - family members, friends, neighbors, or colleagues - and join TBT's first annual Amazing Race! The race begins on Wednesday, July 1, and will likely last through the entire month of July. Even if you miss the July 1 deadline, you can start racing any time. Read on for details!

Team members do not need to walk together OR even be in the same geographical location. Again, this entire race is virtual - you live here but your best friends or your kids live in another state or country? That's OK! You can still be a part of a team in TBT's Amazing Race!  

You can read the entire set of rules here, but the basic info is as follows:

  • Each team must be a min. of 2 people and a max. of 4 people. The more team members, the fewer miles required of each team member!

  • One person per team MUST be a TBT member, but the others are not required to be.

  • Each team will be responsible for tracking their daily miles on this spreadsheet. Remember: team miles are aggregate!

  • You're not required to complete the race if it's too much walking for you. Just do what you can. It's all about fun and health!


To enter the race, email the names of your team members as well as your team's name (not required, but strongly encouraged) to webmaster@bethtorah-fremont.org. Hurry - the race beings soon and you don't want to miss out on such a cool summertime TBT event!  

Where are we racing, you ask? We promised an exciting virtual destination so without further adieu, we'll all be racing through the country of ISRAEL, starting and ending in Tel Aviv! Click here to view the distance of all 11 legs of the race and view the race map.


You can also take a look at the album below to see photos from all 11 destinations.

Lastly, be sure to "like" our Amazing Race Facebook page to post photos of your daily walks, cheer for your team’s accomplishments,  encourage your friends on other teams, and even post screen shots of your miles on your FitBit or Phone if you like.