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About Temple Beth Torah

Temple Beth Torah is a Reform congregation dedicated to meeting the diverse spiritual, social and educational needs of its congregants. Founded in 1962, Temple Beth Torah has a strong foundation of 200 families. Our core values are to provide Jewish and cultural education, offer a variety of religious and social activities, and to ensure continuity of Judaism in our community.

Our members are Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and Interfaith families. Our members are committed to being part of and contributing to a community where all members' spiritual needs are met, where lasting and meaningful friendships are made, where our rich heritage is passed from generation to generation, and where social justice is upheld.


Temple Beth Torah services the Jewish Community of the Tri-city area with a wide range of social, creative, assistance, and educational programs. You will find an active social groups for women (Women of TBT) and men (Brotherhood). The Temple is also home to many Jewish education classes including Gan Sameach Preschool, Religious School, Hebrew School, Teen and Adult education programs, and Torah Study.

You have a place at Temple Beth Torah, and Rabbi Zöe is always glad to meet with current or prospective members, as well as anyone curious about Judaism. We would love for you to help us get to know you better by filling out our General Information form.

Our Staff

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Board of Directors

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Contact & Directions

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