2020-2021 Religious & Hebrew School Registration 


To complete your child's online registration for Religious and Hebrew School for 2020-2021 / 5781, please do the following:


  • Temple membership is required for Religious and Hebrew School Registration. If you have not formally joined Temple Beth Torah, please contact the office via email at admin@bethtorah-fremont.org or via phone at (510) 656-7141.

  • Calculate all fees using the information below, and submit your family's total registration payment amount using our Online Payment Form.

The following online forms are only to be filled out by new families or if there have been changes in your medical information. Otherwise, they are optional.

Membership in good standing is a requirement for registration in K-7th Grade. Please contact Marla Kolman Antebi at education@bethtorah-fremont.org or (510) 656-7141 if you are registering for a grandchild. Click the Religious School Calendar PDF below to view or print out for reference:




If you have any technical difficulties accessing, completing, or submitting any of the online forms, or prefer to register by mail or in the office using hard copy forms, please contact Marla Kolman Antebi at education@bethtorah-fremont.org or (510) 656-7141

Fees (per student)

Pre K - 2nd Grade...........
3rd - 7th Grade................


The Education Committee has established a tuition ceiling of $1,500 per family. This does not include the additional fees listed in the next column.




  • K / 1st / 2nd................................

  • 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th / 7th..............


Mishkan Tefillah Siddur

  • Students in grades 3 & 4, and new students in grades 5, 6, & 7............$18 


At Temple Beth Torah we are committed to providing a rich, Jewish education for all of our children.  Please consider contributing to our fundraising efforts by adding any amount comfortable for you:


$18        $36        $54        $72       Other $_____________